Hello Sweetie

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When I saw the picture of Karen and Matt at her movie premiere it immediately reminded me of the picture above of Alex and George from the Britannia awards last November. You can see the very same vibe going on. And yeah George has been like a prankster older brother to Alex. since the start of ER. (he’s two years her senior). You really can see the matching dynamics here. (actually Alex and George show a few nonverbal clues showing a closer emotional connection than Matt has to Karen.) 

Funny how no one seems to confuse George and Alex’s sibling-like bond for a romantic one (especially considering George’s reputation…) yet a small number of Whovians mistake Matt’s sibling-like bond to Karen as something romantic. (Even with Karen and Matt and also Arthur and Alex point blank calling it a sibling bond, and Karen and Matt emphatically stating they don’t have a romantic bond to each other.)